Snippets of conversation from my classroom


Snippets from a discussion with my class today, after reading a book about dinosaurs. It went something like this;

Me – “……so, as we found out in the book, dinosaurs died out millions of years ago but nobody really knows why.”
Child 1 (little voice piping up from the back) – “I do.”
Me – “Well yes, as we just read there are lots of ideas of how it happened. Some people think there was a big rock that crashed into the earth, some people think that volcanoes erupting caused them to die out, but nobody actually knows definitely what killed them off.”
Child 1 -” I do.”
Me – “Do you? Tell us what you think happened.”
Child 1 -“It was a rocket. My daddy told me it was a rocket. A rocket landed on them and squashed them.”
Me – “A rocket? Goodness. That’s an idea that wasn’t mentioned in the book. Very interesting. But even though there are many ideas about what happened, nobody knows exactly what it was that made them extinct.”
Child – “I do.”

Me – “The book also gave us lots of information about the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Who can tell us something they remember about the Tyrannosaurus Rex?”
Child 2 – “It was one of the biggest dinosaurs.”
Me – “Yes. Well remembered. It was one of the biggest dinosaurs but it had very small what?”
Everybody (calling out) – “Arms!”
Me – “You’re right. It was one of the biggest dinosaurs but it had very small arms, and nobody knows why.”
Child 1 – “I do.”
Me – “Do you? What do you think? Why did it have small arms?”
Child 1 – “So it can wave to its friends.”
Me – “There’s another interesting idea. You’re thinking very hard. I’m sure there are lots of different ideas about why it had such small arms, but as we read in the book, nobody actually knows exactly why.”
Child 1 – “I do.”
Child 3 – “I saw a real dinosaur once.”
Me – “Did you? Was it in a museum?”
Child 3 – “No, it was walking along out side my house.”
Me – “But that couldn’t have been a real dinosaur could it. Dinosaurs are extinct aren’t they. They died out.”
Child 4 – “And nobody knows why!”
Child 1 – “I do.”
Me (silently, in my head) – “7 and a half more days. Only 7 and a half more days until the Summer holidays



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