My exciting running experiment!

I feel I am on the cusp of a ground breaking experiment. Yes! On the cusp!!!
A running website that I follow has published a list of 10 songs that are SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to make you RUN FASTER!! (Sorry about the capitals, I’m trying to inject a bit of added drama, as if any more was needed! Please don’t be alarmed, I’m not shouting). So tomorrow, at daybreak, well probably more like 8am by the time I’ve got myself out of bed and limbered up to a satisfactory degree for such a momentous occasion, I shall put those very 10 songs TO THE TEST!!! (Well, more accurately, 7 of them. The list is mainly made up of pretty dire, awful songs and 3 were so bad I couldn’t even bring myself to add them to the playlist for fear of them making me so despondent mid-run that I would lose heart and subsequently pace, and consequently negate this very important test.)
So, dear friends, UNTIL THE MORN!! (Shall we rendezvous back here tomorrow to find out the results? Assuming you can wait that long!)

Exciting times indeed!


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