The joy of travelling with children.


Yesterday was fun. Oh. Sorry. No. That’s not right. Yesterday was NOT fun. Yes, that’s more accurate. Yesterday I had the pleasure of….oh, no, that’s not right either. Oh yes, yesterday I had ENDURED three hours on a plane sat next to my youngest son Henry, the wiggliest, least patient, noisiest, most fidgety, most easily frustrated, chattiest and most inquisitive 4 year old you could ever hope to meet. Actually I had, very early on in the day harboured a rather faint hope that he would sleep on the plane. This was because he had in fact told me that he was going to sleep on the plane because he was so tired. I can see now that that was a foolish hope, a ridiculous hope and a hope that was quickly dashed when Henry spent the first 15 minutes on board repeatedly asking me “Are we flying yet? Are…

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