Adventures on a train.

I have made it on to the train! This may not seem like a particularly big achievement but for me it is rather. Despite having been on numerous trains over the years I got all stressed on arriving at Stockport train station. Would I find my platform in time? (I only had 45 minutes until my train departed! ). Would I get on the right train? (Yes there were signs everywhere showing all the various trains, stations they call at, ETAs and departure times, as well as constant announcements and a customer service desk, which I had been to twice just to double check, but it could still happen!) Would I time going for a wee correctly? Not too soon as then I would need to go again, but not so late that I may miss the train! Which end of the platform should I stand at to get in my allocated car and seat? Would I even find my allocated car and seat? What if I didn’t get on before the doors closed? Would there be somewhere to put my bag? Would I get off at the right station? Is there more than one Milton Keynes station? These were just a few of my concerns. You see I do tend to get a little stressed and flustered when let out alone in the community. But I made it with no dramas and I even managed to buy a magazine while waiting. So here I am sat in my seat, unfortunately travelling backwards which is making me a bit queasy but it can’t be helped. I started off sitting quietly, happily reading my magazine and watching people stumble embarrassingly as they ventured down the aisle, but then I felt rather old fashioned because everybody around me was using some sort of technological thing – phones, tablets, laptops and the like. So I thought I too would get with the modern age and got my phone out, which is how I am now sitting writing this. I have had to put my music on though as the chap next to me (who hopefully isn’t reading this over my shoulder) started chewing gum at a rather distasteful if impressive volume and I really couldn’t stand listening to that any longer. So, here I am speeding backwards towards my destination, with Zach de la Rocha spewing musical profanities in my ear and with a rapidly depleting phone battery (I only have 75% left! What if it runs out before I’ve found where I’m meant to be?). I am going to finish now as I have a few stresses and concerns about what I’m going to do when I get to Milton Keynes. Will I get off at the right station? Will I locate my friend? Will I find the hotel? Will I ……. oh, I think you probably get the idea. So I may well need my phone to call for assistance, and would be well advised to preserve the battery. (74%!)


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