A Weekend Of Firsts

Before this weekend I hadn’t…

1. …ever bought paraguayos. In fact I hadn’t actually intended to buy them at all but when we went to the supermarket yesterday afternoon I noticed Henry in the fruit section picking them up and licking them one by one and so I felt obliged to buy whichever wet ones I could find.

2. …realised you could injure a child by hula hooping. To be honest I didn’t actually manage to hula hoop at all because just as I made my first energetic spin of the hula hoop, Sam had the misfortune of walking past me and unfortunately collided with the hoop, resulting in quite a big cut on his face.

3. …ever bought, rather than make, a cake for a special occasion. Today I realised how doing this simplifies life considerably but ultimately gives little satisfaction. The boys and I were making a Fathers’ Day cake. I think it was a combination of the boys adding too much milk to the cake mixture (which subsequently meant we had to add a lot of extra flour), along with the fact that the mixture was quite likely over whisked by two excitable boys who were having so much fun using the ‘whisky thing’ that they just couldn’t stop which resulted in our usually light, fluffy sponge instead resembling a very dense and weighty suet pudding. We were supposed to be going out at 6pm having baked, cooled and lovingly decorated our cake. The suetty puddingy ‘cake’ was removed from the oven at 5.15pm and tipped out with an alarming thud as it crashed on to the cooling rack. This wasn’t a good cake. Cue numerous, stressed calls of, “quick, we have to go to the shop!”, “put your shoes on!”, “have you got your shoes on yet?”, “quickly, we have to go!”, “put your shoes on!” and “PUT YOUR SHOES ON!!!” followed by a rushed trip to the supermarket where we picked up the first cake we saw (and the impromptu paraguayos), rushed back home, hurriedly plastered some chocolate spread on top, threw some sweets at it, deposited it in the fridge and set off for a friend’s BBQ (scene of the hula hoop maiming incident). So yes, the final cake was quick and simple but ultimately not as personalised or as satisfying as a homemade one.

4. …ridden a unicycle. I’m not sure if it can really be counted as ‘riding a unicycle’ if all you actually manage to do is travel a few centimetres forward, clinging onto the people on either side of you with a ‘whatever you do, don’t let me go!’ death grip before the wheel spins uncontrollably from underneath you and you end up falling off, but that is what I managed.

5. … known that you could have two different time zones in one house. Last night the boys went to bed very late and I forgot to close the shutter on their bedroom window. When Henry woke up this morning and came in to see me he was very confused that it was still dark in my room. “Mummy, it’s still nighttime in here but in my room it’s morning!”

And it’s only Sunday! What other firsts might today bring?…..


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