Estepona’s Amazing Street Art

I went on an art hunt to find all of the wonderful wall murals of Estepona. Here are the first 10 in chronological order.

1. La Venus can be found in the Barriada Mar y Sierra. It is 120 m2 and was created by Ana Cecilia Salinas in September 2012. If you look closely you will see that the artist has included a representation of the fertility amulet known as ‘La Venus de Estepona’. This is a clay Venus dated 5000 years ago which was found in Estepona in 2011 and which can be seen in the Estepona Archaeology Museum.

2. Estepona Bermeja is in the Barriada de Los Televisores and is the second work by Ana Cecilia Salinas. It is 30m high and the red tones that the artist has used in the mural are intended to reflect the famously red earth colours of the Sierra Bermeja mountains. It is located close to the Plaza de Ajedrez and consequently it contains references to the world of chess. It was created in January 2013.

3. La Casa de la Buena Gente (The House of the Good People) is by Conchi Alvarez. It is in Barriada Tres Banderas, measures 80 m2 and it was inaugurated in January 2013. The mural is a trompe l’oeil created over four storeys of a block of flats and it features some actual residents of the block. The artist intended for the mural to be an interactive experience and as such passers by can appear as if they are a part of the mural if they stand in the correct place. Conchi Alvarez has published a book about the mural and its creation.

4. Pasen y Vean (Come and See) can be found in Calle Goya and is a collaborative work by local artist Elena Aguilera with Alejandro García and Manuel Aguilera. The theme of the mural is the circus world and it depicts the movement of trapeze artists and in oils and acrylics and was created in February 2013.

5. Almas del Mar (Souls of the Sea) was inaugurated in April 2013 and was created by Blanca Larrauri. It is located in Avda San Lorenzo and the mural is a tribute to Estepona’s seafaring history. It is made up of 3 maritime scenes – boats returning from fishing, fishermen sewing nets and boats moored in the harbour.

6. Tiempos de Claridad (Times of Clarity) is the third mural by Ana Cecilia Salinas and it was created in May 2013. This work is intended as a tribute to the natural scenery of Estepona and you can see that it has been created in two perspectives.

7. Estepona Siglo 21 (Estepona 21st Century) is located in Plaza ABC. The mural was created by Nestor Prada García and it was inaugurated in June 2013. According to the artist it is a constructivist inspired mural depicting places and in Estepona such as Los Remedios church, Sierra Bermeja and the sea.

8 & 9. Madre Amorosa (Loving Mother) and La Mirada de un Niño (The Eyes of a Child) are both by Francisco Alarcon and are located on Calle Terraza in Barriada Primavera. The murals are on two walls which are next to each other and were created in July 2013. Tones of grey, white and black have been used on both and it was the artist’s intention to honour the mother figure on one side and to highlight the importance of learning, personal development and creativity in children on the other.

10. Fundacion Antonia Guerrero (Antonia Guerrero Foundation) is by Joaquín Fabian Aguilera Diaz and was inaugurated in October 2013. It is a tribute to Antonia Guerrero and in recognition of her work to improve the education of women in Estepona. It is created in paint and relief and it depicts a girl going up the stairs of Los Remedios church. The doves which can be seen at the topic the mural represent the liberation and freedom for women.

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