Two Days

Two days. That’s all that’s left of my Summer holiday. It’s hard to believe that those seemingly endless weeks that stretched ahead of me at the end of June have mostly passed and that I now find myself contemplating returning to work. Summer holidays from school are wonderful. They are the highlight of the year. But it isn’t all positive. There are downsides too. So, here is my list of the good and the bad of Summer holidays.

The Good
1. Two months off of work. What’s not to like about that one? My time is my own, I can get up when I want and my life isn’t dictated by the clock. I have two months of total freedom to start new ventures and to do all those things I’ve been trying to find time to do all year. Now is my time!
2. It’s Summer! Everyone is happy, there’s positivity in the air, it’s beach time, it’s pool time! It’s Summer! Yay!
3. The weather. Fabulous weather is pretty much guaranteed. There is no rain, no coldness, no greyness. Every day is a sunny day, every day is a hot day! How lucky am I?
4. Lots of time with my family. Time away from work means there is nothing to keep my children and I apart. We can spend all day, every day together! For two whole months!
5. I can have late nights. There’s no pressure to go to bed early. I can stay up and watch films, listen to music, watch TV, read my book, drink wine, drink LOTS of wine, do whatever I want until whenever I want because I don’t have to be up in the morning!

The Bad
1. Two months off of work. The first week is always very productive. Unfortunately this is where the productivity ends. Over the Summer my brain turns to jelly. It doesn’t work so well for two months without the stimulation of work. All the ventures that I was going to do? Not done. All of the things that I was going to do that I’ve not had time to do all year? Erm…also not done. So much for good intentions. And it’s the same every year.
2. It’s Summer! Yes, I’m on holiday but millions of other people around the world are on holiday too and they all seem to have come on holiday here. The shops are packed with tourists who are guaranteed to have forgotten to weigh the fruit and vegetables before getting to the checkout, the roads are at a standstill and you have to add an hour on to your journey and the beaches are jammed.
3. The weather. It’s SO hot! SO VERY HOT! All day, every day, night time too! It’s hot, it’s humid, it’s relentless, it’s unbearable, I can’t sleep, I have no energy or inclination to do anything. When is Autumn going to arrive?
4. Lots of time with my family. OMG! Was I really looking forward to spending all day every day with my family? For two whole months?! Was I mad or simply high on Summer holiday anticipation? Children are so demanding. They want entertaining, feeding, dressing, smothering in sun cream, they want to go out for the day, they want to do things and it’s never ending! Don’t they realise that I have no energy or inclination to do anything? Apparently not. If I didn’t work as a teacher I would be praying for the start of the school year.
5. I can have late nights. Every night is a late night. A very late night actually. Sometimes ridiculously late. Unfortunately my children don’t care what time I went to bed. Don’t they understand that I have only had three hours sleep? There they go again, demanding to be fed, entertained… Late nights are fun but they come at a price. A high one. Two months of late nights and early mornings and I think I may be more tired now than I was at the end of the last school year and I have to go back to work!

So you see, the Summer holiday really is a mixed blessing. Having said that I would do anything for it to be the end of June again, to not be facing the very immediate prospect of returning to work. Yes, anything. I would even spend the two months with my demanding, energetic, crazy children all over again! Or would I?…


2 thoughts on “Two Days

  1. You’ve pretty much nailed it on the head ; the good and the bad of summer school holidays.
    I really feel for you, going back to work. I know how that feels. That is, until a couple of days in, when it feels as if you’ve never been away. Now is the time to think back on all your summer memories, and your new-found interest, camping! Shame you didn’t find it until the end of your holidays, but think of the fun weekends that await you. Now, get ready for the start of the dreaded AUTUMN TERM ! Aaaargh !

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  2. It’s certainly true that a couple of days in to the term it’s like you never had a holiday at all and as you say, at least we have camping weekends to look forward to! Now it’s only ONE day……


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