The power of turmeric

4 weeks ago, half way through the school holiday, I woke up one day to an excruciating pain down my right arm. There was a terrible pain in the knuckles of my right hand and I realised I was unable to close my hand. I had had a similar, mild pain in the knuckles of both hands for a few months but nothing too bad. This flare up had happened overnight. 
During the following weeks my days followed the repeated pattern of waking up to the pain and the inability to close my hand. On most days this would gradually ease as the day passed, although while the pain did decrease to a degree I still had no grip in my right hand and I couldn’t hold anything or open doors, etc with it and it was very difficult to drive and to do basic, everyday things. I was using my left hand more and more. It was like some nightmarish Groundhog Day and I would look forward to the time passing as that would mean the pain would ease. 
Some days the pain has been so bad I’ve just wanted to cry. I’ve visited a rheumatologist and Was sent for blood tests and ultrasounds which I will take back to the rheumatologist on Monday to find out what is wrong. She thought it might be rheumatoid arthritis.
Ever since the pain started 4 weeks ago I have been taking golden paste (turmeric)  religiously, four times a day. The pain continued though and I was beginning to think that whatever was wrong with my arm and hand wasn’t going to be helped by it. I was scared that the same thing would start in my left hand too which would make things very difficult. I even went out and bought the drugs that the rheumatologist had prescribed for me because it was getting so bad, although when I read the endless list of possible side effects I decided to just keep them for emergencies. 
And then, on Wednesday this week I woke up and the pain was minimal and I could almost close my hand. I didn’t like to assume everything was going to be better as I didn’t want to tempt fate, but then again on Thursday morning I woke up and my hand was still feeling better. This has continued through Friday and today. While I do still have a crampy pain in my hand and my knuckles are still quite painful if I forget to be gentle when washing my hands or when putting on hand cream for example, and while it still hurts to use scissors this is usually to such a small degree that sometimes I even forget that there is a problem. 
I have put this change down to the turmeric. It has really turned everything around and has made life almost normal again. And all without needing to resort to the drugs.
So, if any of you have any aches or pains please give turmeric a try, it is so cheap and easy to make. It might take a while to see an effect, it took 4 weeks for me, but it really is amazing and any alternative to prescribed drugs has to be a good thing.


2 thoughts on “The power of turmeric

  1. Thanks for that advice, but unfortunately I have severe arthritis in both hips and am awaiting a date for hip replacement surgery ,and the pain is awful in the meantime I am taking a pain killing tablet every morning but it doesn’t seem to make much difference. ,and like you reading the “Possibilities”frightened the life out of me . So until I have surgery I am using a walking stick,a walking aid, and a mobility scooter . Oh the joys of old age ,so just off to the grocers to get some Tumeric ,at least that has no side effects !! x x

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